Salmon Evolution completes its organisation – CFO appointed

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Odd Tore Finnøy, CEO and Håkon Andrè Berg, CFO. Photo: Salmon Evolution / Brunes Foto


Håkon Andrè Berg has been appointed as chief financial officer (CFO) of Salmon Evolution. He brings to this post solid experience from the capital market as well as management and boardroom work in the financial and industrial sectors, and helps to complete the organisation’s capacity and expertise in its present phase.

Backed by boardroom experience from a number of companies within ocean-based industries in western Norway, Berg has worked in recent years with financial and strategic consultancy, directorships, internationalisation and transactions through his own business and in other companies. Before that, he was a partner in and one of the founders of Broodstock Capital. He otherwise has experience from private equity, mergers and acquisitions and the capital market from posts in such companies as Argentum and Midvestor Management.

“We’re very pleased that Berg has agreed to join us in our further progress,” says Odd Tore Finnøy, CEO of Salmon Evolution. “He is an experienced executive with strong economic and financial experience and understanding.”

He says the new CFO will play a key role in meeting the company’s future needs for capitalisation and building relations with long-term financial partners and investors. Much still has to fall into place in constructing Norway’s first-ever full-scale grow-out fish farm of this size in terms of biological and technological aspects, a circular economy and commercialisation.

“So it’s reassuring to report that we have recruited Berg,” Finnøy emphasise. “He has substantial industrial and financial experience and expertise after many years of working in various industrial companies, and solid management experience with strategy and business development.”

Contact information:

Odd Tore Finnøy
CEO, Salmon Evolution
Mobile: +47 900 60 960

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