Transparancy Act Report

Salmon Evolution

Salmon Evolution has conducted a human rights due diligence process in accordance with the Transparency Act and the OECD guidelines. This process involves several steps to assess the risk rating of our suppliers, including referencing recognized human rights global indexes, self-assessment, and engaging with suppliers.

The findings indicate that the majority of our suppliers are located in countries with low human rights risks. However, during the assessment, the Company have identified a few areas of concern. With our largest suppliers who provide feed, there is a potential risk associated with certain countries where raw materials are produced. To address this, the Company have obtained access to their due diligence assessments and declarations, which demonstrate their commitment to ensuring appropriate measures are in place.

Moving forward, Salmon Evolution is dedicated to enhancing the processes for identifying and mitigating potential risks and adverse impacts. The Company recognize the importance of collaboration and partnerships with suppliers, global organizations, and stakeholders in achieving our goals. Salmon Evolution are committed to work systematically to prioritize human rights and improve working conditions among our selected suppliers and within our own programs. Continuous efforts will be made to ensure that human rights and ethical considerations remain at the forefront of our operations.

Our Transparancy Act Report