At Salmon Evolution, we do not only raise salmon. We raise a new standard of salmon. Because we make no compromises on water quality, fish welfare or environmental responsibility, our salmon thrives better, grows better and tastes better. The result is a quality the world has never seen before – the Salmon Evolution standard.


Why it looks and tastes so good

  • Fresh seawater from the Norwegian coast ensures a natural and delicious flavour.

  • Optimised water flow provides a firm and delicate meat texture, often referred to as sashimi quality.

  • Our carefully tailored salmon feed ensures a rich and vibrant colour.


Why it does you good

  • Salmon is a good source of important nutrients, which is why numerous food authorities advise eating fat seafood such as salmon at least two or three times a week.
  • Our tailormade feed makes sure our salmon is rich in protein and high in Omega-3, vital minerals and vitamins.
  • Our unique technology provides us with a whole new level of control over the farming process, allowing us to create optimal living conditions for the salmon. By purifying the water before it enters our facility, we ensure excellent water quality and a healthy, sustainable environment on land.


Why it feels so good

When serving our salmon, you can rest assured that every possible measure has been taken to make sure it was raised in a good environment, causing no harm to our shared planet.

I have had the salmon tested through several stages. When I tried it, I was impressed. The first impression was very good, and it was well suited to be eaten raw.

Vincent Aleria Caballes

Award-winning sushi chef / Head chef, Zuuma

Product portfolio

State-of-the-art processing facilities

Our partnership with the Vikenco AS value-added production (VAP) facility provides us with a comprehensive product portfolio which is divided into two main categories – fresh and frozen products.



  • Fresh and frozen
  • Large freezing capacity
  • Pre- and post-rigor production



  • Full range of fillets, portions and by-products
  • Various packing options for value-added products


We deliver worldwide within one to three days of production.

Are you ready to taste the salmon evolution?

We’re ready to accept your order and would love to tell you more about our high-quality products, our efficient and high-standard production, and our seamless delivery process.

Our sales team

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