Meet our technical manager – Hallgeir Øyen

Press Release

Everything is going according to plan. Over the past year, Salmon Evolution has appointed seven key personnel who will take care of and administer their specialist fields. Overall, we now have a well-equipped team of 10 who will be working to realise Europe’s largest land-based fish farm. During the summer, we will be presenting our personnel – who are all hugely motivated to contribute to a more sustainable development.

Hallgeir Øyen

As technical manager, Hallgeir will help us to build a plant with the best available technology, with a high level of reliability, and with optimal solutions for future expansion and necessary upgrading. “We’ll be building a facility which is good for fish, people and the environment,” he emphasises.

With Hallgeir on board, we will construct an energy-efficient plant, exploit waste heat from processes and machinery, and utilise renewable energy sources. He will also be finding good ways to exploit our “waste” products. Innovative thinking can make these a resource for others, circular economy.

“We must think of future generations,” says Hallgeir. Correct utilisation, waste elimination, recycling and recovery are key components of his values set. So he is pleased at the opportunity to be part of a company which has sustainability as its primary goal. “We learn from each other in this team every single day,” he observes. “Together, we’re creating something new. That in itself provides meaning and motivation.”

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