Salmon Evolution listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange

Press Release

Huge tanks have taken shape at Indre Harøy in western Norway, and plans for a big fish farm on land are clearly in the process of being realised. Salmon Evolution’s listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs) opens big opportunities for continued growth.

The company’s drive to farm salmon on land successfully both in Norway and abroad is on schedule. Plans call for the first smolts to be introduced to the tanks at Indre Harøy in Hustadvika local authority during March 2022.

Håkon André Berg, CEO of Salmon Evolution, expects the listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange to increase interest in the company.

“On behalf of Salmon Evolution, I’d like to thank the Oslo Stock Exchange as well as our shareholders, banks, partners, employees and suppliers for the strong support they’ve given us,” he says.

“We’ve come a long way since our establishment in 2017. As we pass this very important milestone today, we’re making good progress on all fronts with completing phase one at Indre Harøy. We’re travelling a lot to South Korea, where work is underway to establish another farm based on our hybrid flow-through technology. This is being pursued through a joint venture with South Korean seafood group Dongwon Industries under the name K-Smart, which will develop, build and operate the planned facility.”

Salmon Evolution chair Tore Tønseth sees big growth opportunities:

“This is just the beginning. With our two projects, in Norway and South Korea, we have a unique platform for further expansion in both Norwegian and international markets. We’re convinced that demand for salmon is both long-term and growing, and see a huge opportunity for sustainable production of such fish on land. Our aim is to achieve a position of global leadership.”

The company is experiencing great interest and support from both shareholders and banks. CFO Trond Håkon Schaug-Pettersen sees big possibilities arising from its inclusion on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s main list.

“We’ve raised more than NOK 2 billion over the past 15 months, and we’re extremely pleased – and humbled – by the strong support given us by our shareholders and banks. Being listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange marks a new chapter in our history, and provides opportunities to secure an even broader investor base, greater liquidity for our shares and increased overall profiling of our company.”

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