Salmon Evolution listed on Merkur Market

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Salmon Evolution had its first day of trading on Merkur Market on 18 September 2020. From left: Director Peder Stette, Director Frode Kjølås, CEO of Oslo Børs Øivind Amundsen, CEO Håkon A. Berg, Chair Tore A. Tønseth, Ingjarl Skarvøy, Kamilla Mordal Holo, Director Glen Bradley, Director Kristofer Reiten. Photo: Marthe Haarstad.

Following a successful share issue which raised NOK 500 million, Salmon Evolution Holding AS has today secured a listing on Norway’s Merkur Market marketplace under the ticker code SALME-ME.

Important for growth from local to global

“We’re very pleased that the issue earlier this month attracted substantial interest among Norwegian, Nordic and international institutional investors,” says Håkon A Berg, CEO of Salmon Evolution.

He says the company is proud that its shares can now be traded on Merkur Market, which is provided by Oslo Børs (the Oslo stock exchange). But no champagne corks will be popping today, he adds.

“We appreciate that this is only one of many steps in a process where our clear ambition is to build an aquaculture company which will make its mark on the global salmon industry. We believe we have what it takes to succeed.”

Salmon Evolution is a land-based salmon farming business with its first production facility under construction at Indre Harøy in western Norway. While this initial phase has an annual capacity of 9 000 tonnes of fish, the farm will ultimately be able to produce 36 000 tonnes a year. The company’s global expansion plans envisage a total annual output of roughly 70 000 tonnes.

Capital raised from the share issue completed on 4 September will be applied in part to financing the first construction stage, to continuing development of the project, and to general corporate purposes.

From left: Director Glen Bradley, Hallgeir Øyen, Olav Johan  Lyngstad, Arild Viken, Kamilla Mordal Holo, Hans Petter Mortveit, Oddvar Repstad, Ingjarl Skarvøy, CEO Håkon A. Berg, Chair Tore A. Tønseth, Director Kristofer Reiten, Director Frode Kjølås, Director Peder Stette. Photo: Marthe Haarstad.

“The listing on Merkur Market has given us a new and effective instrument for ensuring access to additional capital at market price, while allowing us to reduce risk for current and future shareholders,” says Berg.

He adds that the listing contributes to orderly and transparent trading of Salmon Evolution’s shares in a well-functioning system, which is also tailored to the company’s present size and requirements.

Salmon Evolution has used Pareto Securities, DnB Markets and Sparebank1 Markets as financial advisers and Bahr as its legal adviser in the process related to the share issue and the Merkur Market listing.

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