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Press Release

In 2023 Salmon Evolution has steadily been building the biomass at Indre Harøy. Following an solid performance in the fourth quarter of 2023, Salmon Evolution has taken the position as the world’s largest and leading land-based producer of Atlantic salmon.

Per Q4 2023, Salmon Evolution had a standing biomass of more than 2,200 tons (live weight), with a net biomass production of 1,439 tons (live weight) during the quarter.

This achievement highlights the company’s commitment to operational excellence and marking a significant milestone in its operations.

The Indre Harøy facility, Salmon Evolution’s flagship location on the Norwegian west coast, has shown strong biological performance, characterized by robust appetite indicators and remarkably low mortality rates among the salmon population. These factors, coupled with accurate operational practices, resulted in a record harvest of 1,104 tonnes (head-on gutted) in Q4. Notably, 90% of the harvested salmon were classified as ‘superior’ quality, showcasing the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality products with a tight weight concentration.

Salmon Evolution expect gradually increasing harvest weights going forward, which together with further biomass build-up will set the stage for a substantial increase in harvest volumes from Q2 and onwards.

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