Batch #1 average fish weight now at 3.3 kg and on track for Q4 2022 harvest

Press Release

Q3 2022 Operational update: Salmon Evolution is pleased to announce that the strong biological performance reported in the Q2 2022 presentation has continued for the remainder of the third quarter.

As per 30 September 2022 the batch #1 average weight is estimated to around 3.3 kg with observed individuals well above 4 kg and the Company remains on track for its first commercial harvest in Q4 2022. Batch 1 is now also split into two tanks after having successfully completed the first intra-facility fish transfer process.

The Company has over the last months carried out extensive testing of the product quality with very positive results, confirming good fish health and filet quality, firm meat texture, nice and consistent red meat colour and excellent salmon taste.

Batch 2 was released on 13 July at 125 grams and has continued to demonstrate excellent biological performance, with the average weight now estimated to around 710 grams.

The Company is now in the process of preparing for the next smolt releases, further fish transfer activities as well as the first harvest, with the latter currently expected to take place late October / early November.

Please see the attached presentation for further details on biological performance, biomass and overall status.


For further information, contact

Håkon A. Berg
CEO, Salmon Evolution
+47 411 92 257

Trond Håkon Schaug-Pettersen
CFO, Salmon Evolution
+47 911 91 327






About Salmon Evolution

Salmon Evolution is a Norwegian land-based salmon farming company targeting a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes HOG by 2032. The Company’s core focus is on extending the ocean’s potential by transferring the best preconditions offered by the sea to farm fish on land through its chosen hybrid flow-through system technology (HFS). This secures a truly sustainable production process with controlled and optimal growth conditions and limiting operational and biological risk.

The Company’s first production facility is strategically located at Indre Harøy on the Norwegian west coast with unlimited access to fresh seawater, renewable energy, established infrastructure, and an educated and experienced work force. Phase 1 is already in operation and will have an annual capacity of 7,900 tonnes HOG at steady state. Fully developed, the Indre Harøy facility will have an annual capacity of 31,500 tonnes HOG.

The Company has also entered into a joint venture with Dongwon Industries where the parties will develop, construct and operate a land-based salmon farming facility in South Korea with an annual production capacity of 16,800 tonnes HOG, using Salmon Evolution’s chosen HFS technology.

Furthermore, the Salmon Evolution has initiated a process with the aim of establishing a land-based salmon farming operation in North America.

Salmon Evolution ASA is listed on Oslo Børs under the ticker SALME.


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